You are Lucy Seward a young woman recently returned to New York and struggling with the possibility of losing your dearest friend to an unknown illness. One night on your way to work at your father's Sanitorium you find yourself stopping in to the local automat and talking with a strange man who keeps late hours.

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Made for Gaming Like it's 1927 Gamejam!

This is my first game hope you all enjoy!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withTyranoBuilder
Tags1920s, Dark Fantasy, Singleplayer, Vampire

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Very nice! The music really helps set the time period and the mood, and I love the story idea: late night chats with Lucy and Dracula. I wish I could have chosen Jonathan for a different ending.
Just a couple humble critiques. First, I didn't care for the sprites (merely a matter of personal taste). A bit more of an art deco look would have been really cool and made the time period more evident. I did love the nice 20s touches in the background, like the Metropolis movie poster. Second, I think it would benefit from one more proofread and play test. I haven't tried all the choices (like another poster, I just had to choose Honesty, lol), but after I selected Deny, the Speak the Truth option appeared at the TOP of the screen for me. Also, there are a few spelling/punctuation mistakes, like 'someway' instead of 'some way'. And I know this was done for a game jam, so there was limited time.
Anyway, great game regardless, and deserving of the win!

Thanks so much for the comment! I haven't touched it since the jam but I'll see about making some time to take another look at it!

Congrats on the game jam win for Best Remix!

What's the best email I should use to be in touch about the prize?

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Oh wow  AWESOME! 


this was a really neat adaptation of the source material! I felt I always had to be honest with dracula lol. well done!


This is pretty impressive for a first game. Nice work with the art.

thank you so much! 


I thought this game was excellent, and very worthy of a prize! Good luck!


Thank you so much!